The Power of Knowing: The Value of Clinical Labs - Viddy Awards

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San Ramon, CA

The Power of Knowing: The Value of Clinical Labs

Client: American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA)
Category: Non-Broadcast | Short Form Web Videos < 3 Minutes | 228. Medical
About Project

America’s clinical laboratories serve as the foundation for public health preparedness and response and for everyday prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease for patients across the country. From routine blood tests to ground-breaking genetic tests that guide therapy selection, clinical laboratories play a vital role in answering some of life’s most important questions.

For millions of Americans and their health providers, laboratory tests are the start of any comprehensive care plan, empowering patients with the answers they need to guide health care decisions. Results from laboratory tests inform 70 percent of clinical decision-making, helping patients monitor, diagnose, and treat common, chronic, and rare conditions every day, yet account for less than three percent of total health care spending. Effective use of screening and diagnostic tests allows patients to receive the right care at the right time while often reducing overall health care costs. Laboratories’ investments in innovation are leading to extraordinary advancements, changing health care as we know it, improving and saving lives. Protecting the value that clinical laboratory testing brings to patients every day and the investments in innovative diagnostic solutions requires a strong laboratory infrastructure.


Vinnie Urdea (Creative Director / Halteres Associates)
Mickey Urdea (Founding Partner / Halteres Associates)
Mark Dickmann (Production Manager / MD Productions)
Susan Van Meter (President / ACLA)
Madhuri Mannava (Senior Project Manager / Explainly)
Courtney Pratt (Creative Producer / Explainly)