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The Colleges of Law: The Mission Remains

Client: The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law
Category: Non-Broadcast | Long Form Videos > 3 Minutes | 109. Entertainment
About Project

This four and a half-minute video details the aspects of The Colleges of Law that set it apart from other law schools. The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law were founded in 1969 with the mission of making quality legal education more accessible, regardless of one’s social standing or professional background. Times have changed, but the mission remains.

In this video, viewers hear directly from faculty, students, and alumni on how The Colleges of Law continues to emphasize opportunity, academic excellence, and community engagement in the name of its mission. From instructors who are practicing attorneys and judges, to small class sizes that allow for a more intimate educational experience, to study abroad opportunities, learn how our mission-driven initiatives set The Colleges of Law apart. Our Hybrid J.D. program, the first established at an accredited California law school, allows students to complete their Juris Doctor with a combination of online learning and intensive residencies. This flexible option makes it possible to earn a law degree without putting the rest of your life on hold.

The strategy behind this video is to connect The Colleges of Law’s history of providing affordable legal education with a contemporary audience of prospective students who may be even more receptive to the message. The goal of the video is to attract prospective students who work during the day and do not have the budget for a top law school.


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