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The Chicago School More Than Campaign

Client: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Category: Non-Broadcast | Marketing / Advertising Campaigns | 3c. Digital Marketing Campaign
About Project

The Chicago School was the largest nonprofit, psychology graduate institution in Chicago. But, they have become so much more than that. With 7 metropolitan locations across the U.S. and 30+ programs, The Chicago School has grown to include study abroad experiences in countries all over the world and over 1 million service opportunities every year.

The “More Than” campaign gave us an opportunity to showcase how much The Chicago School has grown throughout the last 40 years… to become more than a university dedicated to professional psychology… more than a singular campus in Chicago… more than an educational experience isolated to the classroom… more than a student population focused on personal academic achievement alone.

A fully-integrated and multichannel campaign, 'More Than' included the development of video, audio, and imagery for digital advertising, social media, OTT advertising, NPR, native, and traditional marketing. Creating a unique user experience, we created three levels of engagement. The first, includes four bucket headlines "More than a student/classroom/degree/location." The second, focuses on one bucket and provides additional context. The third level includes a CTA to "Be More Than" prompting prospective students towards a specific action.

More than 30 videos were produced for this campaign--including every level of the campaign, location specific, and audience segmentation--and were formatted for use in digital ads, organic social media, landing pages, and OTT advertising. Additionally, student testimonials captured via Zoom were incorporated into the campaign to emphasize the impact that The Chicago School can have on its students.


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