Secure Cloud Management Platform - Viddy Awards

Spire Communications on behalf of Accenture Federal Services

Alexandria, VA
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Secure Cloud Management Platform

Client: Accenture Federal Services
Category: Non-Broadcast | Short Form Web Videos < 3 Minutes | 239. Technology
About Project

Accenture Federal Services is a leading US federal services company and subsidiary of Accenture LLP. The company brings the most advanced R&D, the latest technologies, and human-centered design together with the power and commercial innovation of Accenture’s global network to federal clients. Its cloud computing practice delivers secure solutions with the speed and performance that modern missions demand.

To communicate the value of its secure cloud platform offering, Accenture Federal needed a compelling video that spoke to both technical and nontechnical decisionmakers.

Architecture and security protocols aren’t things you can see. To show how the solution works, Accenture Federal worked with Spire Communications to develop a script and create effective animations that tell their story and reflect their brand.


Justin Shirk (Accenture Federal Services)
Josh Kayse (Accenture Federal Services)
Jonathon Henderson (Accenture Federal Services)
Sean Eiholzer (Accenture Federal Services)
Claire Walden (Accenture Federal Services)
Shannon Leigh (Spire Communications)
Ian Dickson (Spire Communications)
Anna Weaver (Spire Communications)