Introduction to the Porsche Macan - Viddy Awards


Irvine, CA

Introduction to the Porsche Macan

Client: Porsche
Category: Non-Broadcast | Long Form Videos > 3 Minutes | 147. Other -- Mixed Reality Training Application | Mixed Reality Training Application
About Project

This Porsche technician training program introduces Porsche vehicle platforms and systems to both new-hires and experienced Porsche technicians alike, without the need to dissect a vehicle in the training center. In fact, this training can safely be performed on any matching customer vehicle at the dealership level, reducing travel, material, and technician downtime costs.

This innovative and unconventional training program is delivered via Microsoft’s Hololens 2, which provides a mixed-reality environment to maximize one of the technician’s most critical senses: Vision. It also provides an environment for our 3D experts to recreate entire vehicle systems or individual components in 3D space which can be overlayed over the physical vehicle for context or brought out from the vehicle for a closer look. The Dynamics 365 Guides software acts as the framework for information and visual asset delivery, which features a linear, task-by-task, step-by-step format, enabling succinct, effective, and time-efficient knowledge transfer.

Since every technician will experience the training separately and individually, they are able to engage the material at will, and as many times as desired, so it can serve as a working aid even after the training is completed. This not only ensures effective learning but also eliminates the risk of embarrassment in front of peers in the classroom.