Adolescent Suicide: Facing the Challenge - Viddy Awards

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Chicago, IL
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Adolescent Suicide: Facing the Challenge

Client: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Category: Non-Broadcast | Short Form Web Videos < 3 Minutes | 201. Cause Related
About Project

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is dedicated to directly addressing the mental health challenges facing young people. We’ve seen how the collective impact of more than 30,000 alumni can make a difference. They’re tackling a broad range of issues as counselors, educators, and psychologists. The Chicago School has established the Institute for Adolescent Suicide Prevention to help combat this public health emergency. We need to empower those within our community to help curb suicidal behavior among young people. We’re working to create a world where no young person’s life is cut short by suicide.

This video was shot in several locations across the United States and includes testimonials from several Chicago School alumni and broll of them working with local populations.


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