VHA COVID-19 Test-to-Treat Outreach Toolkit - MarCom Awards

Titan Alpha

Washington, DC
Titan Alpha is a joint venture of PFS and CVP. This joint venture is built upon a well-established partnership that dates back to an October 2017 Mentor-Protégé Agreement between our two companies.

About Project

In an effort to reduce illness and help save lives, and to respond to a special White House task force requests, VA and Titan Alpha created a call-to-action campaign to urgently reach Veteran’s and caregivers regarding the importance of taking COVID-19 self tests in time to get treatment without being hospitalized. This campaign was launched during the COVID-19 omicron wave, when infection rates reached an all-time high and those previously vaccinated against the virus were getting infected at alarming rates.

The campaign had two goals: to reach communities at the greatest risk for infection and serious illness and to urge Veterans to take a COVID-19 self test at the first sign of illness because they had five days to get medication from the first sign of symptoms. To meet the first goal, the team worked with VA minority outreach leaders across the country to create compelling graphics that targeted specific communities, like those who commonly live in multi-generational households or rural households with lower vaccination rates. For the second goal, the products communicated that high-risk Veterans who test positive for COVID-19 can only take life-saving antiviral medication within the first five days of symptoms. Those graphics intentionally used a vibrant, attention-grabbing red color that met 508 and ADA compliance to get Veterans’ attention. Additionally, informational stickers that were placed on the COVID-19 self tests handed out to Veterans, urging them to take a test at the first sign of illness and call their care team if the results were positive for COVID-19.

This campaign was distributed to across the country, shared by VA public affairs officers and minority outreach teams.


Project Leads (Client):

Jennifer Askey, SET Manager, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Melodee Mercer, SET Deputy Manager, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Titan Alpha Leads:

Veronica Miller, Manager, Titan Alpha

Randi Blank, Senior Manager, Titan Alpha

Steve Shreve, Designer, Titan Alpha