Texas Dairy Queen Jalitos® Ranch Hungr-Buster® Promotion - MarCom Awards

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Dallas, TX
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About Project

Limited Time Only products are driving traffic for Texas Dairy Queen. As part of the overarching "That's What I Like About Texas" campaign, this campaign introduced customers to a spicy new offering with everything Texans love about a good burger.


Tina Tackett, Executive Creative Director (LOOMIS)
Jim Green, Group Creative Director (LOOMIS)
Cecily Worthy, Creative Director (LOOMIS)
Chelsea Ratliff, Group Account Director (LOOMIS)
Jenna Oliver, Account Director (LOOMIS)
Stella Cofoid, Account Executive (LOOMIS)
Chelsea Nollner Sevadjian, Producer
Ben Hoffman, Director (CAMP LUCKY)
Mark Fisher, DP (CAMP LUCKY)
Tim Bird, Editor (See Spot Run)
Steve Franko, Colorist
Max Lefeld, Spanish language consultant
Tre Nagella and Paul Loomis, Brand Music (LUMINOUS SOUND)
Lou Romanus, CEO (Texas Dairy Queen Operator's Council)