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Specialty Care Program Office (SPCO) – Neurology Newsletter

Client: Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Specialty Care Program Office
Category: Publications | External Newsletter | 264. Healthcare
About Project

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Specialty Care Program Office (SCPO) is one of the largest integrated providers, offering various specialized care and benefit services. SCPO includes 25 national programs, six centers of excellence, and a wide variety of specialty areas. Together, these program areas offer unique and individualized aspects in providing high-quality, safe, and effective specialty care to Veterans.
Among the integral national programs under SCPO, the Neurology program stands out for its broad spectrum of services catering to the unique needs of Veterans, such as evaluating and treating diseases affecting the nervous system, including the brain, spine, peripheral nerves, and muscles. To help raise awareness about the program and its impact on the lives of Veterans, the Titan Alpha team launched a public-facing bi-annual newsletter on behalf of SCPO to achieve the following objectives: Highlight Veteran Stories: Sharing real-life experiences and journeys of Veterans who have benefited from VA’s Neurology program, fostering a sense of community.
Showcase Program Achievements: Celebrating the accomplishments of the Neurology program, medical breakthroughs, and advancements in patient care.
Provide Updates on Policy Developments and Guidelines: Serving as a source of information on policy changes, guidelines, and regulations.
Share Program Resources: Disseminating valuable VA support resources, including practical tips and advice to help Veterans manage their neurological conditions and improve their quality of life.
VA’s Neurology program has received numerous compliments from clinicians and leaders about how the newsletter provides informative, uplifting, and valuable content for VA and Veteran communities. In just under one month after the second issue was released, the newsletter reached 487,473 recipients, with 214,257 unique opens.


Federal Lead (Client):
Shane Suzuki, Communications Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Specialty Care Program Office (SCPO)

Titan Alpha Team:
Ned Riley, Senior Consultant, Titan Alpha
Erica Winchester, Senior Consultant, Titan Alpha
Mikaela Lindemann, Consultant, Titan Alpha