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Public Speaking Training Booklet – Center for Care and Payment Innovation (CCPI)

Client: Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Admin. (VHA) Center for Care and Payment Innovation
Category: Print Media | Marketing/Promotion/Materials | 80. Guide
About Project

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Care and Payment Innovation (CCPI) plays an important role as a key collaborator in advancing value-based health care at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Through the implementation of pilot programs, CCPI helps reduce costs and administrative burden for frontline medical teams while improving quality of care and the health care journey for Veterans. To do this important work, it is vital the CCPI government team can effectively engage in public speaking activities that further the organization’s mission – from presentations to networking events at conferences to small meetings with VHA colleagues.

Titan Alpha developed a public speaking training and associated booklet to support the CCPI government team in talking about their work. The training booklet functioned as the central element of the training and is designed as a stand along piece for participants to take with them and use again in the future. Along with public speaking basics and practice examples, the booklet included key messages the CCPI team could refer to and use as needed to focus their communications.

While public speaking trainings are not unusual in the federal government space, not often are participants presented with a polished booklet they can take with them and use in the future to strengthen their public speaking skills. In the case of the CCPI government team, the booklet functioned as a keystone to their communication activities after the training. The team often referred to concepts in the booklet and even provided a copy to their new Acting Director of Value-Based Care in order to support him in his new role. Ultimately, the booklet now serves as a valuable tool for the CCPI team to continue the work of building collaborations and furthering innovations that will improve the lives of Veterans.


Titan Alpha Leads:

Blaire Morrison, Project Manager, Titan Alpha

Tomás Harmon, Communications Manager, Titan Alpha

Stephen Shreve, Designer, Titan Alpha