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National Oncology Program (NOP) – Cancer Screening Video

Client: Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VHA) National Oncology Program
Category: Digital Media | Web Video | 252. Medical
About Project

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VHA) National Oncology Program (NOP) is one of the largest integrated providers of oncology services. Through new technologies, tools, research knowledge, and best-practice therapies, VHA NOP is leading the fight against cancer. Their scientific and medical breakthroughs are shared both inside and outside our healthcare system to benefit not just Veterans, but all Americans.
Every year, there are 450,000 Veterans’ cancer stories to tell. From the National Oncology Program’s National TeleOncology Service reaching cancer patients in rural communities to the life-saving technology provided through the National Center for Lung Cancer Screening, VA is changing the common cancer narrative. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients and Veterans deferred care to avoid infection. In 2022, NOP focused on highlighting Veterans’ cancer screening stories, to ensure that Veteran’s knew the importance of screening. The Cancer Screening video gives Veterans (and clinicians) a powerful tool to encourage them to get screened, and potentially save lives.
Through thoughtful planning and execution, Titan Alpha worked across the VA enterprise to produce the Cancer Screening video. As a key component to the overarching communications plan, this video was developed to highlight national-level priorities such as health equity, cancer screening, and survivorship. This video required approvals at the highest level of programmatic leadership, as well as VHA Digital Communications leadership.
The Cancer Screening Video stands out in the federal space for its production quality and its ability to engage patients in taking control of their own cancer journey. NOP has received numerous referrals and compliments from clinicians and leaders about how the video effectively highlights key messages that can save Veterans lives through cancer screening. In just under two months after it was released, the video reached 23,000 impressions, with 3200 organic views across social media.


NOP (client) Lead: Marvin Rydberg, Director, National Oncology Program

Titan Alpha Leads:
Carter Bates, Principal, Titan Alpha

Marissa Smith, Manager, Titan Alpha