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Moscow, Idaho

Lightcast – Our Purpose

Client: Lightcast
Category: Video/Audio | Video/Film | 608. Corporate Image
About Project

Lightcast is a new brand in the marketplace, and we deal with an intangible concept: labor market data and analytics. But ultimately, this data helps real people find real jobs, and that gives our work meaning—just as we want that for our customers and those they serve.
We needed a way to give real-life meaning and context for the work we do and what we help our clients achieve as we help create a labor market that works for everyone. Everything we do is in service of unlocking new possibilities in the labor market. That’s our mission and our purpose.
Lightcast's customers and clients (educators, employers, and community leaders) are virtuosos in their respective fields, and they can play intricately and elegantly on their own. But when a conductor is introduced, those individuals can manifest something much greater by playing together. Lightcast is that conductor, helping bridge gaps and delivering insights across these groups, and showing they’re more similar than they are different.
Our "In Concert" video uses this analogy of musicians playing in harmony to demonstrate how we bring together disparate data for many audiences and bring clarity to them all. As part of our creative process, we commissioned a bespoke piece of music and a quartet to play it— a modern score with traditional instrumentation, showing that we’re experienced but also current.
The video is a flagship piece of content for Lightcast, and it was released everywhere we have an online presence, including prominent placement on the homepage of our website. It has been displayed in our brand manifestation at over 50 conferences, is frequently used by our sales and client success teams to engage prospects and existing clients in meetings and calls, and it kicks off each of our public webinars and internal all-hands gatherings. It will be the first piece of content all attendees see at our forthcoming Lightcast Connect Conference—and, in concert with the video, we've hired a string quartet to perform live at the event. (see behind the scenes photos from the shoot, attached). Across all platforms, including our website, it has over 400,000 views with a 91% completion rate.
This video demonstrates our purpose as clearly as we can, and it was the coming-out party for our new brand. It laid the groundwork for how we express ourselves in numerous other avenues and mediums, from how we strategically align our internal departments around projects that cross our audiences to how we will build future products. Because it’s such a clear representation of what we stand for, and was executed at such a high level, our In Concert video sets the standard for what the Lightcast brand is and can be.


We partnered with MYRIAD! to make this video.