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Myrtle Beach, SC
For three decades, LHWH Advertising & Public Relations has been a leading marketing and PR firm in the Carolinas. It is a full-service agency creating and executing marketing campaigns for a range of clients in real estate, golf, tourism, entertainment, telecommunications and healthcare.

LHWH Website

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About Project

Utilizing elegant and fresh design paired with strategic animation, the new LHWH website is a vibrant testimony to the quality of work that the agency has delivered to its growing list of clients in recent years.

The site’s homepage draws viewers into a 3D world through its innovative ‘parallax reveal’ animation, a creative departure from the traditional scrolling page design that most websites feature. This rich homepage experience takes site visitors on a journey through a series of strong client success stories.

The new design also replaces the more traditional ‘call-to-action buttons’ from its pages, with an innovative dynamic cursor that becomes a viewer’s personal navigation tool throughout the site. The cursor follows the user’s every move and depending on where they hover, it functions as a guide, a call-to-action button, a play bar, selection tool and text field populator all in one.


Interactive Creative Director & Web Designer – Pat Harris
IT Director & Dev Ops Manager - Dana McDonald
Creative Director & Copywriter - Andy Lesnik
Digital Services Director - Tracey Geary
Senior Brand Architect - George DuRant
Copywriter - Gina Vasselli
Copywriter - Heather Gale