Let’s Talk Utah Season 3 - MarCom Awards

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About Project

Building on Seasons 1 & 2 insights, Let's Talk Utah Season 3 aimed to address challenges and misconceptions about Utah as a travel destination while establishing the Utah Office of Tourism as a trusted guide. Our objective: foster connections among travelers, share responsible travel messages, and distribute visitation evenly across the state. We partnered with local advocates to showcase Utah's diverse offerings, from its outdoors to its rich history and culture.

Season 3 featured two advocate-driven episodes on Instagram Reels and Facebook, targeting travel enthusiasts during peak planning periods. This strategy yielded impressive results: over 2.1 million video plays, 2,266,617 impressions, and 7,674 paid engagements. Let's Talk Utah Season 3 became the ultimate guide, inspiring unforgettable adventures and captivating new and familiar audiences.


Sparkloft Media /Courtney Kiehm / Account Lead
Sparkloft Media / Kate Adolphson / Associate Director of Production Services
Sparkloft Media / Lorien Steele / Executive Creative Director
Sparkloft Media / Stevie Yochum / Senior Motion Designer
Sparkloft Media / Madison Tucker / Project Manager
Sparkloft Media / Denise Quattrini / Copywriter
Sparkloft Media / Myranda Thompson / Art Director
Sparkloft Media / Colin Ofloy / Associate Art Director
Sparkloft Media / Torey Itaya / Producer
Utah Office of Tourism / Sandra Salvas / Producer
Utah Office of Tourism / Arianna Rees / Marketing and Communications Specialist
Blank Space / Colby Bryson / Director
Blank Space / Alec Lyons / Director