Hackers Anonymous - MarCom Awards

Tenable, Inc.

Columbia, MD

About Project

Many cybersecurity companies glorify hackers to make them seem like cool rockstars. We wanted to turn that notion on its head and make hackers a defeated shell of themselves after the launch of our cybersecurity product, Tenable One.
So for the commercial, we put hackers in an AA style support group venting their frustrations towards Tenable and created the tagline: We Make Hackers Wannacry. (described below)
There's some fun cybersecurity easter eggs in here ('wannacry' is one of the biggest hacker exploits in history, as was colonial pipeline, and Log4Sell). The 'Battling My Daemons' shirt, motivational posters, etc adds to the tongue in cheekiness. Betweeen all our different versions on YouTube, the commercial has been viewed over 1 million times and 2.8 million times including tv streaming ad spend.

Submitted for consideration is:
- 3 x15s cuts of the commercial
- 30s cut of the commercial
- 60s cut of the commercial
- 90s cut of the commercial
- a custom webpage (linked in the URL section)
- photos of t-shirts with a QR code pointing to the YouTube link
- photos of the OOH campaign on billboards in San Francisco for the RSA conference
- a clip of an ad on the Nasdaq sign in Times Square


Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Christiano Dias
Director of Photography: Michael Helenek
Gaffer: Daniel Maldonado
G&E: Ryan McMichael
G&E:Sean O'Toole
Hair/Makeup: Jewel McCullough
Sound: Esteven Rodriguez
PA: Dylan McNeill
DIT/AC: Henry Smith

Group leader: Greg Dorchak
Kevin: Matthew EG Jones
Meg: Morgan Brown
JSON: Jordan Banks
Derick: Kamton Kumpe
Alice: Dana Willoughby
Frankie: Aname' Rose