Marks & Spencer x Persado Dynamic Motivation - MarCom Awards


New York, NY, USA

About Project

UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) is working toward a long-term goal of personalizing 6 billion customer interactions and driving hundreds of millions of pounds of incremental revenue. The company deepened its three–year partnership with Motivation AI company Persado to better understand what motivates M&S customers and use a powerful type of generative AI to create language that speaks to these motivators.
In 2023, M&S began using the Persado’s latest innovation: Dynamic Motivation, a specialized generative AI solution that personalizes web content in real-time, increasing e-commerce revenue and helping to curb cart abandonment. Informed by data from customer profiles and web sessions, customer responses to more than 700 million sent emails, and learnings from its digital-first Sparks loyalty program, M&S is applying Dynamic Motivation to ‘speak’ to each of its customers with the words and phrases they respond to best, increasing customer engagement and conversions. The initiative upgrades e-commerce online cart pages and optimizes the often-overlooked “home stretch” to checkout. Through the full deployment of Dynamic Motivation, M&S is achieving remarkable improvements to the customer experience by personalizing 100 million annual customer interactions at the moment of truth in the customer journey: the online cart.