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Florham Park, New Jersey

Delivering High-Octane Media to Help Monster Jam “Crush” Expectations

Client: Monster Jam
Category: Strategic Communications | Media Relations/Publicity | 154c. Publicity Campaign
About Project

Standing nearly 12 feet tall, weighing 12,000 pounds and with tires that are nearly 6 feet in diameter, a Monster Jam truck is a true sight to behold! With a supercharged engine creating 1,500 horsepower, one truck performing solo can send decibel levels soaring into the red, and when a dozen - piloted by some the world’s most talented drivers - tear up the dirt in an all-out battle it out in front of thousands of fans, let’s just say ear protection is recommended!

One of the most iconic and renowned motorsports events under the umbrella of Feld Entertainment, BML was responsible for media relations supporting Monster Jam performances in key cities throughout the country, including two of the most important venues in the biggest markets on the 2023 tour – MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, and Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Leading up to the competitions, BML developed a strategy which we knew would deliver earned media coverage just as powerful as the monster trucks themselves.

BML’s directive was simple – generate earned media coverage that would drive ticket sales. To do so, we knew that we needed to be laser focused on the local and regional outlets that would deliver our call to action and inspire residents in the surrounding communities to bring their family and friends to the stadiums for a night of high-octane fun. BML was challenged to secure opportunities with regional broadcast affiliates in the Philadelphia and New York markets as well as the major regional print and online news outlets servicing each DMA.

Strategy and Tactics:
BML’s strategy was rooted in visuals, and with Monster Jam, there’s no shortage of eye-catching, jaw dropping visuals to offer media. In our toolkit, we had several opportunities to invite media out to the respective stadiums ahead of the performances, including dirt dump, track construction, and early morning live broadcasts with drivers the day before the night of the show. Dirt dump was an incredible visual which involves the dumping of more than 300 truckloads of dirt on the turf and track construction is an even more impressive ballet as engineers equipped with dozers and earth movers transform the gridiron into a monster truck battlefield. The most exciting visual BML had to offer media was a behind-the-scenes look inside the stadium, right from the finalized dirt track. This also included interviews with Monster Jam drivers, giving media the opportunity to climb into and start an actual truck, as well as strapping in and going for a lap around the track in a Monster Jam ride-along truck. For those broadcast media that could not attend, BML had a suite of imagery to offer, including exciting, high-production b-roll from earlier performances on the tour.

Months ahead of the performances, BML kicked off our initial outreach with the distribution of a tickets-on sale press release and worked to secure traditional placements with media, such as inclusion in roundups with longer lead regional lifestyle media as well as calendar roundups. Two-weeks out from each performance is when BML put the “pedal to the metal,” launching additional waves of outreach engaging key targets in each media market utilizing advisories complete with all of the on-site opportunities available to media. While far in advance, this gave BML a lengthy runway to secure media attendance and ensure each market had a lineup of journalists reporting on the “monsters” that were rolling into town and the fun that families could expect for the weekend! BML coordinated interviews with key Monster Jam drivers, including Army National Guard veteran Kayla Blood, who pilots Soldier Fortune, and Bryce Kenny, who pilots Great Clips’ Mohawk Warrior, as well as Monster Jam tour coordinators, and even got reporters to broadcast LIVE from inside the cabin of the Monster Jam ride-along truck.

When the right strategy is combined with opportune timing and executed with a rolodex as deep and with as many connections as BML’s, the results are a surefire guarantee. Across the Philadelphia and New York markets, BML was able to generate a total of 100 placements reaching nearly 40 million people. On their own, the stats are worthy of applause; however, it’s the impact that deserves a standing ovation! Thanks to the coverage, Monster Jam in Philadelphia was a near sellout crowd, while in East Rutherford, more than 55,000 fans packed the lower and middle bowls of MetLife stadium for a complete sellout performance! As a result, BML was able to secure coverage with the major online news and broadcast affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX in each market as well as the influential regional cable news program for the state of New Jersey, News 12.