Data Agility Data Strategy ebook launch and ad campaign - MarCom Awards

Ooze Studios

Melbourne, AU

Data Agility Data Strategy ebook launch and ad campaign

Client: Data Agility
Category: Strategic Communications | Marketing/Promotion Campaign | 147c. Digital Marketing
About Project

Campaign Objective
Goal: Quality B2B leads
Placement: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
Date range: March 1 2022 to July 31 2022
GEO: Australia, national
Type: FB and Insta conversion ads to cold audiences and LinkedIn web visit ads to remarketing audience

Campaign Strategy
Data Agility wanted to acquire a steady stream of quality leads from organisations in specific sectors like Government, Infrastructure and Health who want to improve their data analytics and information management.

To find the right audience in this niche market, we created multiple detailed audience targeting settings based on industries, behaviours and various data interests. We did this while matching the right ad messaging and lead magnet offer that’s relevant to every segment. This strategy allowed us to isolate the best audiences and reach a formula that delivered quality leads at a lower cost month on month.

Campaign Results
Impressions: Over 80K impressions in a very niche market
Leads: Over 50 quality leads per month
Conversion rate: 27%
CPL: $24


Ooze Studios Team: Kim Carbon, Mara Magsanoc, Jesse Mullins, Cecil Estrada

Data Agility: Robert D'Astolto