B21 Raider Reveal - MarCom Awards

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B21 Raider Reveal

Client: Northrup Grumman
Category: Strategic Communications | Marketing/Promotion Campaign | 105c. Product Launch
About Project

“I can’t tell you what we are launching…The date of the show is classified…. The location of this event is top secret… “

With a list of security restrictions placed on our team, the GPJ Live Production team was able to deliver a spectacular live show that achieved global press coverage, exceeded all business goals from the clients and executed with national security at stake.

Executing a product reveal with the product being large in size has its own challenges. This is compounded by having to execute on a classified site with some of the most challenging parameters and restrictions ever applied to a show.

Working in a classified top secret hanger.

Rehearsals were timed precisely to satellite blackout periods.

Multiple versions of reveal sequences on standby and rehearsed depending on various factors that would only be confirmed live during the show.

The entire team worked on solutions, solved unknown challenges and delivered for our clients Northrop Grumman, the USA Air Force and gained the respect and trust of the entire team tasked with the protection of the next generation 21st Century Stealth B21 Bomber.