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700 Cays – Gin

Client: 700 Cays
Category: Strategic Communications | Communications/Public Relations | 126c. Research/Study
About Project

Colangelo & Partners (C&P) proposed a comprehensive two-phase project for 700 Cays, a brand hoping to create a "Bahamian Style Gin" which can be defined as a fruit forward version of this typically juniper-forward spirit, aimed at successfully launching their gin brand in the United States. In the first phase, C&P conducted an extensive market analysis, including a deep dive into the US spirits landscape, challenges, and opportunities, post-Covid insights, distributor assessments, competitive pricing analysis, connection with branding agencies to develop bottle design, and submitting original liquid to the Ultimate Beverage Challenge for industry feedback. They also analyzed market access, distributor support, control state dynamics, and opportunities in top markets. Colangelo & Partners also assisted in business planning, encompassing price structure development, channel gross margin assessments, sales projections, cash flow analysis, and marketing investment planning. Additionally,C&P provided feedback on product packaging and product formulation, identified key sales points, and determined target markets.

To better prepare the brand for success, C&P conducted a virtual tasting panel to collect feedback on 4 flavor variations from 15 leading industry personnel and determine the best profile for the brand’s first release. Our team delivered a detailed response analysis and recommendation for next steps the brand would take.
Throughout the process, C&P collaborated closely with 700 Cays' executive team. The end goal was a well-informed and strategic approach to successfully launching 700 Cays' gin brand in the US market.

After the market analysis conducted by C&P, they suggested a $39.99 retail price, provided a cost breakdown including marketing budget, competitive analysis or gin brands and celebrity endorsed spirits, connected with branding agencies to create product bottle and message, created a launch strategy (which markets to enter first, operations budget, marketing budget, media coverage abilities, event participation) Colangelo & Partners also did an analysis of survey results which showed which flavor profile was favored more amongst the panel.