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Xebec Logo

Client: Xebec
Category: Print Media | Design | 48. Logo
About Project

Xebec is a global company with a vision of creating a cleaner world for the next generations. Founded over 55 years ago, Xebec got its start in the industrial sector with dehydration technology for natural gas. Xebec is positioned to become the leader in the clean energy space and is well on the way to helping decarbonize the world.

Xebec recently acquired new companies and will likely continue to do so into the future. As each company joins the Xebec family, it’s a merger of cultures, people, processes, ideas, and spaces. Uniting the Xebec family behind one icon brings a unified, consistent visual presentation and replaces the type-only logo approach Xebec has currently. Each division has icon color and typography customizations.

The letterform “x” creates an intersection of both convergence and divergence, illustrating both coming together and expanding reach outward as Xebec delivers on its mission every day. As a result, a stylized “x” forms the base of the icon.

The icon combines a directional arrow based on the letter “x” and hexagons, which can represent the molecule methane, the simplest form of organic carbon. To achieve its mission, Xebec develops solutions that decarbonize and reduce. Therefore, the arrow is powered by breaking down carbon, illustrated by hexagons breaking off as the arrow moves forward.

The upper part of the “x” is highlighted by a color to create an elevated, torch-like feel, signaling Xebec drives its industry forward with momentum, energy, and innovation.

The Xebec typography in the new logo builds upon the foundation of the previous logotype, but also advances it, creating a contemporary, timeless solution. Pursuing an uppercase + lowercase approach with curved, organic forms contrasts with the hard edges of the icon, supporting the icon and color palette by providing a softer, organic tone that ties back to the clean energy mission.

A supporting narrow-width sans-serif is applied to the subtext or division text below the Xebec typography, contrasting and balancing the Xebec typography with increased letterspacing.