Vizient Stationery Suite - Hermes Creative Awards

Vizient, Inc.

Irving, TX
The nation's leading health care performance improvement company, Vizient helps members improve and fortify their market presence so they can concentrate on what they do best: provide high-quality care for patients. Our partnership model is rooted in listening and true collaboration to maximize the value of what we do. Together with our members, we build holistic solutions that serve as catalysts to shape excellence in care delivery at each organization we work with. As part of that company-wide effort, the Creative Media team provides video and podcast support.

Vizient Stationery Suite

Client: Vizient
Category: Print Media | Design | 43. Branded Graphics Suite
About Project

A brand evolution to showcase our diverse culture with a bold, playful stationery suite; to include letterhead, business cards, pocket folders, and notebooks. 


Creative Director: Yvette Wheeler
Designers: Rex Gee, Donna Aldridge, James Adrian
Production Designer: James Adrian
Project Manager: Niall Turner
Printer: Maressa Currie