Indian Motorcycle Sport Chief Launch - Hermes Creative Awards

Bold Orange Company

Minneapolis, MN

Indian Motorcycle Sport Chief Launch

Client: Indian Motorcycle
Category: Print Media | Advertising | 1. Direct Mail Piece
About Project

Indian Motorcycle had big news to share—their biggest news of the year. They were ready to launch an exciting, all-new bike, the Indian Sport Chief, and they had to get it right with this audience. Because this wasn’t your average biker—these riders were a part of the garage culture. The ones who express their identities through their motorcycles. The ones who spend hours in their garage, tinkering, tweaking and fine-tuning. That’s why we developed a mail piece that not only connected with their passion for mechanics and style, but also gave these riders an outlet for self-expression.
We created a one-of-its-kind direct mail piece that when opened, effortlessly unveiled a 17x17 inch, exploded-folding poster. A poster people could detach and hang on their garage walls. And after removing the poster, the tri-fold piece displayed all the product details in a beautifully laid out format so that riders could do what they love, and dive into the details of this new Indian Sport Chief bike.


Tanner Quie, Director of XD, Bold Orange Company
John Sheehan, Sr. Copywriter, Bold Orange Company
Tom Lord, Creative Director, Bold Orange Company
Jessica Bjerga, Sr. Project Manager, Bold Orange Company
Meghan Shepard, Sr. Director, Client Strategy & Services, Bold Orange Company
Ashley Skelly-Lekson, Supervisor, Client Strategy & Services, Bold Orange Company