Sperlari U.S. Packaging Redesign - Hermes Creative Awards

QNY Creative

New York, NY
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About Project

QNY Creative is proud to stand behind our latest project, in collaboration with Sperlari. With its origins in Cremona, Italy, Sperlari was founded in 1836 by Enea Sperlari, with a mission to offer the highest quality Cremona specialty: Torrone. Since then, Sperlari has been a part of Italian family traditions for centuries, constantly evolving while staying true to their iconic origins.
In order to expand on a global scale, Sperlari and QNY Creative came together for a redesigned packaging design, to better connect with a U.S.-based audience in the hope to make the iconic Torrone (nougat) a part of American family traditions.
For this redesign, our creative team kept the original logo and refreshed the packaging, bringing it to modernity, and adding a vintage touch. We redefined the color palette, keeping a bright red for its crunchy nougat with almonds, while incorporating brown for the chocolate bar, and blue for the soft nougat. We highlighted the brand’s origin by adding an illustration of Cremona, the city where Sperlari is located, and added the map of Italy to honor the country of origin, and 100% Italian manufacturing.
Tradition: reinvented, this is precisely what the QNY Creative Team kept in mind during the entire process, with 187 years of delivering authenticity and the highest quality, now on a global scale!


Creative Director: Ezio Burani
Art Direction: Samantha Clemente-Galbo
Art Direction: Ana Camero
Graphic Design: Marija Schmitt
3D Models: Ilya Volgin
Project Management: Marijke Thielen
Strategy: Campara Rozina de Haan