Slow the spread – Corporate COVID-19 Protocol - Hermes Creative Awards

RLD Creative

Elgin, IL
At RLD Creative we understand companies are prone to advertise the wrong message with a poor brand to grow and market their business. When companies struggle with their strategy and execution, it costs crucial revenue and important market recognition. We have a team of creative minds to guide ideas, develop branding, create assets and produce the overall vision. We focus on brand and marketing so our clients can focus on the other important aspects of their business. We believe our partnership is an essential cornerstone in the pursuit of industry-leading results and success.

About Project

Along with the myriad challenges that 2020/21 brought to so many, the COVID-19 pandemic tested countless industries and businesses to face a new world that now featured a tremendous amount of altered social practices, guidelines for commerce and constantly-evolving protocols. While some were able to remain nimble, using simple ‘Mask Required’ signs along with following CDC-recommended procedures to maintain health and safety, a vast majority had to communicate these strategies in an effective manner while maintaining their brand images.

The challenge here was to create a large-scale informational campaign without sacrificing core elements and corporate identity. We were able to maintain Scion’s color palette and brand guidelines while bringing new and unexpected messaging and information. This was crucial during a time when any form of normalcy and was greatly needed.

The goal of this collection – which is a small snapshot of the entire campaign – was first and foremost to illustrate the key points of awareness and policy changes. Secondarily, we were tasked to perpetuate brand cohesion in order to communicate those points in a way that the company was already accustomed to seeing and paying attention to. Some of the pieces are more instructional/informational (many of the yellow/white graphics) and others are more creative outlets that either bring some lightness to the situation or provide alternative methods to everyone’s usual habits. In both instances, the presence of the familiar fonts, styles and colors allowed the impact to be immediately felt and the message clear. “I need to pay attention to this, because I know this involves my company” is the mindset we wanted the audience to have.


Creative Director: Rick Lesser
Art Director: Brandon Ribbs
Graphic Designer: Anthony Ashner