“Shoulder To Shoulder: Innovative Cancer Care For Veterans” Annual Report - Hermes Creative Awards

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Washington, DC
Titan Alpha is a joint venture of PFS and CVP. This joint venture is built upon a well-established partnership that dates back to an October 2017 Mentor-Protégé Agreement between our two companies.

“Shoulder To Shoulder: Innovative Cancer Care For Veterans” Annual Report

Client: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); National Oncology Program (NOP)
Category: Print Media | Publications | 11. Annual Report
About Project

Diagnosing and treating more than 43,000 Veterans each year, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is one of the nation’s largest integrated providers of oncology services.

VA cancer researchers and clinicians are equipped with world-class tools, methods, and resources to serve our Nation’s Veterans. Being fully transparent and engaged in proactive communication is a key component to VA making sure Veterans understand what services, tools and programs are available to them when facing a cancer diagnosis. This 2022 Annual Report “Shoulder to Shoulder: Innovative Cancer Care for Veterans” is one way VA facilitates that communication.

Early in 2022, Titan Alpha was tasked with content and story development that highlighted VA’s three key messages – cancer care at VA is equitable, innovative and high quality, and accessible. Directly tied to these messages are the Veteran stories that were critical for inclusion. Over the course of several months, Titan Alpha worked across the VHA enterprise to engage VHA senior leaders, clinical programs and services, and subject matter experts in clinical trials and oncology clinical care for ‘hard’ content like goals and data, while also sourcing Veteran experiences for inclusion as well.

This Annual Report is externally facing and serves as the benchmark communication product for VHA’s National Oncology Program. It also works to provide information to media, Veterans, VHA staff, and government stakeholders.


Marvin Rydberg, Executive Director, Veterans Health Administration (VHA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Courtney Franchio, Program Manager, National Oncology Program, Veterans Health Administration (VHA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Carter Bates, Principal, Titan Alpha
Marissa Smith, Senior Manager, Titan Alpha