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Brighter Click

Raleigh, NC
Brighter Click is an eCommerce paid media & creative strategy agency that saw 300% growth in 2021. Brighter Click has managed over 20 million in ad spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Google PPC. Positive ROI is an expectation when working with an agency. At Brighter Click, we take pride in providing proactive, education-focused communication to keep our clients updated with how their ad accounts and business are doing.

New Customer Acquisition

Client: Great Wrap
Category: Strategic Campaigns | Marketing | 313c. Product Launch
About Project

Brighter Click began working with a newly launched sustainability brand, Great Wrap, in June of 2021. Through creative strategy, brand messaging refinement, and ad account management Brighter Click tripled the company's monthly revenue twice in the first three months.

Sales from our partnership showed investors the product's viability, and Great Wrap closed its Series A round of funding valued at 24 million.

In September 2022, Great Wrap scaled its production in Australia and expanded sales to the United States.

At the same time, this helped Great Wrap continue its mission to eliminate waste from landfills and oceans.

In 2021 Great Wrap did the following:
- Food waste diverted from landfills: 64 Tons
- Petroleum-based plastic diverted from landfill: 16.4 tons
- Total meters of wrap sold: 3,900,000 meters
- Total users of Great Wrap: 32,650 users