Maritime Partners at International Workboat Show 2023 - Hermes Creative Awards

Synergy Design Group

New Orleans, LA

Maritime Partners at International Workboat Show 2023

Client: Maritime Partners
Category: Strategic Campaigns | Marketing | 312c. Event Marketing
About Project

At the 2024 International Workboat Show, our 20×80 design for Maritime Partners was truly anchored by the installation of a 20 foot wide LED display tunnel, showing stunning visuals of our oceans. This design excelled at efficiently utilizing the client’s double deck structure as a framework upon which to build a technological immersive experience.
Our distinctive approach incorporated a mesmerizing LED wall, depicting the world’s oceans, and creating a walk-through water tunnel effect when stepping into the booth. This effect was achieved through the use of very low-pitch LED paneling and nearly 4k video.
Synergy also deployed motion-capturing technology on 75” displays around the perimeter of the booth. These displays leveraged depth cameras to react to any nearby motion with customized visual effects, designed to match Maritime Partner’s branding. These motion-capturing displays lured nearby crowds closer to the client’s products, the Power Cell and Reformer, each housed in an impressive display themselves.
Notably, Synergy also leveraged its network of expert fabricators to design a fully customized interior meeting space, illuminated by backlit water scenes and grounded in organic textures. The visual impact of our booth was undeniable, capturing the attention of attendees and sparking conversations on a wide range of topics. At any given moment, the booth had a crowd of 10-20 fans simply admiring the design, many of whom decided to step in and build a relationship with our client, Maritime Partners.
The successful use of such ambitious and impressive visual design inspired not only trust but excitement amongst our client, Maritime Partners. This trust and excitement will serve as the foundation for an even more ambitious design at next year’s booth, potentially incorporating life-size holographic technology.
Despite minor logistical challenges, the motion capturing experience complemented the LED Wall well, and drew interest from alternate angles of the booth. This kind of spatial consideration left our client impressed and enthusiastic about future collaborations.
By striking a balance between design that is innovative and practical, exciting while relevant, Synergy Design Group continues to exceed our client’s expectations and deliver on their marketing goals. Our successes at Workboat 2023 will serve as a trampoline for bolder and smarter technological immersive experience.