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PR Campaign for Camp Build Initiative from The Rosendin Foundation

Client: Rosendin
Category: Strategic Campaigns | Public Relations/Communications | 78c. PR Campaign
About Project

10 to 1 Public Relations is a 12-year-old professional services company that provides communication expertise and consultation to organizations seeking to elevate brand awareness. The company has 12 team members at its office in Scottsdale, Arizona. This talented team guides and implements customized public relations strategies for each client with a focus on media relations, awards, speaking presentations, thought leadership, and crisis communications.
10 to 1 PR provides traditional public relations services to boost brand awareness for the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contractor, Rosendin. The construction company is known for building large-scale commercial projects including SoFi Stadium, The Westin Anaheim, data centers for top tech giants, educational facilities, hospitals, and some of the biggest renewable energy facilities in the country. Services include media relations, award nominations, and crisis communications.
10 to 1 PR supports Rosendin’s marketing team with a staff of 4-5 people, working 60-80 hours a month. Since starting with us in 2018, Rosendin has increased our budget several times as they saw the value in our work to share stories about the company’s dedication to excellence, safety, and innovation.
With the construction industry still reeling from the challenges of the pandemic, 10 to 1 PR set out in 2023 to position Rosendin as an industry leader that offered career opportunities in a technology-forward company that valued safety. We reshaped the narrative around construction career opportunities by focusing on the individuals who come together for shared success, targeting young people and their parents to try to change their perception of the industry.
In 2023, 10 to 1 PR secured over 350 earned media stories with consumer, business and industry media outlets across a wide spectrum of mediums including television, newspaper, radio, and digital. This does not include press releases posted on a news wire, sponsored posts, or marketing of any kind. Our earned media results came from 10 to 1 PR’s stellar pitches, media relationships, award nominations, and well-crafted thought leadership articles.
Our efforts focused on changing perceptions about the construction industry by highlighting success stories about Rosendin’s diverse workforce. We gave women a voice through articles, podcasts, and awards and demonstrated career opportunities where women could excel in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We celebrated a father and son who worked together to highlight the benefit of returning to work after retirement. We promoted a new pre-apprenticeship program designed by Rosendin president, Mike Greenawalt, in conjunction with Grand Canyon University to show construction as a first career instead of a backup plan. And we taught children the joy of building with power tools to shape the next generation of workers.
One campaign promoting The Rosendin Foundation’s summer kids camp was so successful, that we carried the theme of educating the public about careers in construction through the rest of the year. We focused on stories that went beyond projects to emphasize the people who are building our nation’s skylines. The 10 to 1 PR team used this storyline to secure presentations for Rosendin with prestigious conferences in the construction industry, business leadership, women empowerment, and health/safety. Our team also drafted winning nominations and secured 17 awards for Rosendin leadership and workforce, including the Top 25 Women in Technology, Tradeswomen Leaders, Safety Leaders, Business Leadership, Young Professionals, Philanthropy, Marketing campaigns, and a Legacy award for its retiring CEO.
One of the most rewarding campaigns we spearheaded took a new approach to educating the public about the often misunderstood construction industry. The campaign focused on changing perceptions among young people and their parents through career exploration with a new initiative from The Rosendin Foundation (TRF), Rosendin’s 501c3.
The Rosedin Foundation hosted a free summer camp called TRF Camp Build for middle school boys and girls at their training centers and prefabrication warehouses in five cities. They brought together construction experts from many different specialties including pipefitters, framers, concrete, metalworkers and more. For one week, dozens of students in each city learned hands-on skills from construction experts using professional-grade power tools, materials and computer systems.
In every market, 10 to 1 PR got reporters to come to TRF Camp Build to share stories in local, industry and business media that showcased the incredible skills of these children in middle school (6th, 7th and 8th grade). The campers demonstrated how they ran electrical wire to build a lamp, poured concrete to create a stepping stone, used drills and nail guns to build a dog house, and even welded! They also used advanced technology such as building a toy car using VR and much more. Reporters also interviewed Rosendin instructors about the benefits of a career in construction, union representatives about the demand for workers today, and parents about how their minds were changed about the industry.
TRF Camp Build was a huge success for the campers and the industry. Our efforts secured 96 unique TV, newspaper, digital, and magazine stories that ran in all five markets (Phoenix, Austin, Anaheim, Nashville and Sherman, TX). We also landed national stories with construction industry and business magazines, we well TV markets that ran stories from other cities because the storytelling was so strong. Most importantly, these stories demonstrated to the children and those in the communities that anyone can learn the joy of building and construction isn’t just for men.
In addition, we used TRF Camp Build to win regional awards for community service, a leadership award for the camp director, and industry giant ENR Magazine gave Rosendin’s CEO the Southwest Legacy award.
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