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Super Purposes™

Seattle, WA

From Ground Zero to Career Superhero! Career Docuseries

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About Project

Super Purposes™ premiered the first episode of "From Ground Zero to Career Superhero!" exclusively on YouTube on April 23, 2020. The docuseries spans 12 episodes and follows the journeys of five underemployed people as they search for meaningful careers and attempt to win the salaries they deserve. Taking a never-been-done-before approach, they partnered with a creative cast and crew from all across North America to document experiences of securing a job in real-time progress through the Covid-19 crisis to a forever-changed job market in the post-pandemic world.

About The Company
Super Purposes™ is an innovative career coaching company that creates humorous career courses to help career seekers find meaningful work and remove fear and formality from the exhaustive job search. The team of 100+ eccentric career whizzes from diverse backgrounds invests in every cast member's success.


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