Selfhood: Rebrand and Naming - Hermes Creative Awards

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London, GB
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About Project

Feminists of_, which Selfhood was originally called, is a charity movement that empowers individuals to unleash their true colours and define their own gender identities. They campaign for gender inclusivity and challenge the status quo on societal constructs of gender binaries and oppressive systems of power.
As an organisation, there was a genuine sense of positivity and community amongst its members and board. There is no other organisation in the UK which is so clearly bridging the gap between traditional feminism and the LGBTQIA+ movements in their fight for gender equality.
A significant challenge revolved around the brand name, ‘Feminists of_’ which was perceived as being exclusive to traditional non-binary genders, contradicting their mission for universal inclusivity. Additionally, grappling with terms like "intersectionality" and "inclusivity" presented a hurdle, as they don't resonate as everyday language. Finding a tone that is universally understood became an important aspect to delve into.
A pivotal outcome emerged with the decision to rebrand as Selfhood. The name 'Selfhood' draws inspiration from terms like 'manhood,' 'womanhood,' and 'boyhood,' but transcends gendered expressions of 'being.' It encapsulates the belief that our identity extends beyond gender, embracing all lived experiences, including those shaped by race, ability, and social contexts. This name not only conveyed individual strength but also reflected compassion for others.
The strategy workshops produced a compelling narrative that formed the foundation of their Why statement: to create a world with freedom and equality for all genders. This confident purpose resonated throughout the brand’s visual identity. The logo visually represented the spectrum of human expression through bold shapes and patterns, setting the tone for the entire brand. A vibrant colour palette was curated to exude an inclusive and positive brand personality. This cohesive approach mirrored the brand's commitment to creating a world where diversity and equality thrive.
Since launching in September 2023, they have seen a doubling in website traffic to their new website.


Creative Director & Brand Strategist: Sarah Kloosman
Design Director: Karen Jamieson
Lead Designer: Charlie Bacon