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Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ Website

Client: Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™
Category: Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media | Website Overall | 99. Informational
About Project

In addition to the URL provided, please view the PDF attached. The PDF shows the original website before redesign and additional stages of the project, such as brand development and wireframing, that led up to the new design for the website.

The mission of Cotton Incorporated is to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton. The Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ helps fulfill this mission by providing a range of marketing data and analyses to better inform decision makers on the global cotton supply chain. Since 1994, the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ survey has measured consumer attitudes and habits relating to apparel, apparel performance, fashion, the environment, home furnishings, shopping, fiber selection, and other topics of interest. The ongoing research program utilizes a carefully-constructed series of questions that tap into consumer attitudes and behaviors.

While people may be familiar with Cotton Incorporated because of their Fabric of Our Lives® campaign, many are unfamiliar with the resources the Lifestyle Monitor provides. If a user visited the original Lifestyle Monitor website, the user would become quickly overwhelmed, not knowing where to go or how to sort information.

The Cotton Incorporated team sought a website redesign from both a user experience and visual design perspective. The Cotton team did not have a brand developed for the Lifestyle Monitor, so a brand was created along with the website redesign. For the website redesign, a new strategy and navigation structure was developed, user roles were defined, user role visual way-finding icons were created, a new brand system was constructed, and a new visual layout was designed. Press, a new and important target user, got its own section on the new website.