Care That Goes Beyond - Hermes Creative Awards

Bold Orange Company

Minneapolis, MN

Care That Goes Beyond

Client: Thrive Pet Healthcare
Category: Strategic Campaigns | Marketing | 311c. Digital Marketing Campaign
About Project

Pets are part of the family. And that means you’ll help your dog eat healthier by cooking its food from scratch. You’ll get your cat, who's allergic to dust, some fresh air by taking it for daily walks. Or you’ll buckle in your dog for a safe drive home. You’d do anything to take care of your pet.

With Thrive Pet Healthcare, it's possible to care even more. Because their routine, specialty, and emergency clinics provide complete care for all your pet's health needs, for the life of your pet.

To convey the above and beyond care they provide, Thrive sought our help to refresh the creative with a new strategy, big idea, and media tactics that better convey their unique point of difference and compelling benefits to pet parents.

Our goal? We wanted the audience to feel something. So we prioritized placements that enabled those moments. This campaign featured video, and weaves in media choices that appeal to other senses, to improve our opportunity to tell stories that connect with our audience.


Tom Lord, Creative Director, Bold Orange Company
Lisa Sundin, Design Director, Bold Orange Company
Chloe Hjerpe, Sr. Copywriter
Becca Steinman, Designer, Bold Orange Company
Robin Halonen, Sr. Production Designer, Bold Orange Company
Carie Otto, Sr. Director, Media & Search Services, Bold Orange Company
Casey Weltzin, Program Manager, Bold Orange Company
Julie Hagemann, VP, Client Strategy & Services, Bold Orange Company
Hope Mueller, Associate Director, Client Strategy & Services, Bold Orange Company

John Pesavent, Producer
Jim Henderson, Photographer
Plural, Production Company