Brand Refresh & Merger - Hermes Creative Awards


San Jose, CA

Brand Refresh & Merger

Client: Semtech
Category: Strategic Campaigns | Marketing | 306c. Branding Refresh
About Project

As Semtech merged with Sierra Wireless, the brand team undertook a deep analysis of who we are and who we want to be, together as one team.
Starting with vision and purpose, voice, tone, and personality and culminating in design, the team created a new brand identity that embodies the most important aspects of the history, the people, the technology, and the ambitions of both companies. It's meant to bring Semtech into a new era where we can be and be seen as tech forward, bold, innovative, and resourceful.
We want employees, both current and new to feel empowered to bring our brand to life in every point they touch the market and that Semtech is where they want to be.

This project is a labor of love for the combined brand team of the 2 companies merging: Sierra Wireless and Semtech. The equity of Semtech in the industry was stronger, with deeper relationships, making it the obvious choice to keep. But, with Semtech’s somewhat staid, long-in-the-tooth brand perceptions in the industry, Semtech needed a brand refresh that would support a belief in the industry that we are capable of being innovative, tech forward, and adaptive, especially as we embarked on the largest acquisition in our history.
In addition, Sierra Wireless employees (key to our ability to be successful and with a strong culture and identity of their own) feared that they would become second class citizens after the merger.
Our mission was clear. We needed to understand who we were and who we wanted to become, together. So we set out to learn from all levels of both companies, our partners, and our advisors: Who do we want to be? How do we want to be perceived? What is fundamental to who we are now that we can't lose in the process? What is our shared vision?
We built our new brand from the bottom up. Inclusive. Building on both our foundations: semiconductor, IoT, and telecommunications. Expanding into new territory we want to explore together. Something we can all stand behind and are all proud to bring to life everywhere we touch the market.


Regina Pareigis
Julie McGee
Karen Henning
Magda Nowak-Batten
Ting Wang