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Answering Life’s Most Important Questions

Category: Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media | Video | 167. Medical/Health
About Project

Launched in 2022, “It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics”™ is an industry-serving website and platform for educating and supporting both the general public and innovators in the diagnostics sector. The website is a resource center providing tools related to the diagnostics industry, sharing the latest advances in diagnostic technology, and promoting the awareness of the value of medical diagnostics. The mission of the website is to promote positive outcomes for the diagnostics industry as a whole. The "Answering Life's Most Important Questions" animated video examines the ubiquity and vital importance of diagnostics in our everyday lives. Learn more at:


Vinnie Urdea (Creative Director / Halteres Associates)
Mickey Urdea (Founding Partner / Halteres Associates)
Madhuri Mannava (Senior Project Manager / Explainly)
Courtney Pratt (Creative Producer / Explainly)