Vizient: A Vision for Healthier Healthcare Campaign - Hermes Creative Awards

Vizient, Inc.

Irving, TX
The nation's leading health care performance improvement company, Vizient helps members improve and fortify their market presence so they can concentrate on what they do best: provide high-quality care for patients. Our partnership model is rooted in listening and true collaboration to maximize the value of what we do. Together with our members, we build holistic solutions that serve as catalysts to shape excellence in care delivery at each organization we work with. As part of that company-wide effort, the Media Productions team provides video and podcast support.

Vizient: A Vision for Healthier Healthcare Campaign

Category: Print Media | Advertising | 9c. Print Advertising Campaign
About Project

When you partner with Vizient, you benefit from our unique vision. This vision helps you see tomorrow, today. It turns challenges into opportunities, and confusion into confidence. Our vision is your secret weapon. Each ad explains our vision in approachable terms with an endearing and inviting headline that is backed up with an immediate proof point or case study.


Creative Director: Yvette Wheeler
Art Director: Yvette Wheeler
Writer: Mike Renfro
Project Manager: Niall Turner
Retoucher: David Vaught
Strategy Planner: Leslie Wood
Photography: Various, Getty Images
Marketing:  Casey Ausherman, Kathryn French, Kelly Stein