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About Project

Excellent cooperation at all levels with Konstantinos Kamouzis. With perfect cooperation and a targeted plan, we have achieved the first page and first positions in Google in highly competitive keywords. We can list several such as divorce lawyers, military lawyers, consensual divorce, and dozens more. Optimizing Google Ads ads having achieved great results in ROAS and quality calls.

With Konstantinos, we have achieved great things in organic results. On the left, you will see some of them. His website contains rich, quality content, where the largest percentage is already in the first results and this is not accidental. We strategically optimized the On-Page, while developing texts on the service pages to answer the queries of prospective customers. As we have said in many of our videos and articles, Link Building plays a pivotal role in ranking. The strategy planning to date has been at a fever pitch, which is why we have achieved so much to date.

This case study presents an in-depth analysis of a law firm's keyword rankings across a comprehensive list of over 500 targeted keywords. The purpose of this study is to provide actionable insights and strategic recommendations to enhance the law firm's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, improve organic visibility, and increase online presence within the legal industry.


Overview of the law firm and its digital marketing goals.
Importance of keyword rankings for organic visibility and online success.
Objectives and scope of the case study.

Selection and compilation of over 500 relevant keywords.
Gathering and tracking keyword ranking data from search engines.
Analytical tools and software used for data collection and analysis.
Period of data collection and frequency of ranking updates.
Keyword Ranking Analysis:

Detailed examination of keyword rankings across search engines.
Identification of keywords with high rankings and strong organic visibility.
Analysis of keywords with low rankings or declining performance.
Categorization of keywords by practice areas, geographic locations, or other relevant factors.
Competitive Analysis:

Evaluation of competitors' keyword rankings within the legal industry.
Identification of top-performing law firms and their keyword strategies.
Comparative analysis of the law firm's rankings against its competitors.
Insights into potential opportunities and threats in the competitive landscape.
On-Page SEO Analysis:

Evaluation of the law firm's website structure, content quality, and optimization techniques.
Assessment of keyword usage in page titles, meta descriptions, headers, and body content.
Analysis of website load speed, mobile-friendliness, and user experience factors.
Recommendations for on-page SEO improvements to boost keyword rankings.
Off-Page SEO Analysis:

Examination of the law firm's backlink profile and external link-building strategies.
Assessment of the quality and relevance of inbound links from other websites.
Analysis of social media presence, online reviews, and other off-page factors.
Recommendations for enhancing off-page SEO efforts and acquiring high-quality backlinks.
Local SEO Analysis:

Assessment of the law firm's local SEO strategies and optimization for geographic keywords.
Evaluation of Google My Business profile, local directories, and online citations.
Analysis of local search ranking factors and competition in specific locations.
Recommendations for improving local SEO performance and attracting local clients.
Recommendations and Action Plan:

Summarization of key findings and insights from the analysis.
Prioritization of actionable recommendations based on their potential impact.
Development of a comprehensive action plan for optimizing keyword rankings.
Integration of SEO strategies with other marketing channels and initiatives.