HYPOXI ‘We’re Not a Gym’ Campaign - dotComm Awards

Ooze Studios

Melbourne, AU

About Project

HYPOXI is the smarter way of shaping up. With over 50 studios across the nation, HYPOXI Australia is helping people achieve their weight loss goals through its effective and user-friendly technology.

To ensure the continuous growth of its whole network, HYPOXI Australia brought Ooze Studios in to develop and execute a profitable digital marketing strategy. Helping them acquire a steady stream of quality leads for their individual studios.

We helped HYPOXI Australia attract new customers by getting a deep understanding of who their audience is. Through our effective marketing research techniques, we answered questions like “what are they truly looking for?” and “what problem do they face today?”

The insights from our audience research guided us to identify the right audience segment and the right channels for our campaign. Most importantly, it enabled our team to craft insightful ad messaging that truly speaks to the HYPOXI customer’s pain points and aspirations. The insights also served as our inspiration as we created persuasive landing pages that grab attention and convert visitors into leads.

By finding the right audience and messaging combination, we helped HYPOXI Australia improve its lead generation strategy, decrease its cost per quality lead by 400%, and consistently hit its monthly target at a national level.