GR0 x Natural Patch: Building Authority in the Insect Repellant Space - dotComm Awards


Los Angeles, CA
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GR0 x Natural Patch: Building Authority in the Insect Repellant Space

Client: Natural Patch
Category: Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns | 2c. Digital Marketing Campaign
About Project

In June 2021, the Natural Patch campaign was launched in response to the need for a better solution to one of the common problems faced by families during outdoor activities, which was bug bites. The campaign aimed to provide clean and effective solutions using nature's essential oils, while also prioritizing sustainability and protecting the environment. However, Natural Patch faced challenges due to its limited online presence and authority in the insect repellant space.
To address these challenges, the digital marketing agency GR0 was enlisted to develop and implement a comprehensive campaign. The campaign focused on two main strategies: SEO and Performance PR. GR0 conducted keyword research and created weekly blog posts to establish Natural Patch's authority in the insect repellant space. They also targeted keywords for other products offered by Natural Patch, expanding their online visibility. Additionally, GR0 implemented a Performance PR strategy to increase backlinks to Natural Patch's website from reputable publications.
Since the beginning of 2021, the campaign has achieved significant results. Natural Patch chose to continue working with GR0 despite having their own in-house agency, highlighting their satisfaction with the campaign's success. The Performance PR strategy increased the number of referring domains to Natural Patch's site from 20 to 572, boosting their brand authority and online presence. Through on-page optimizations, targeted keywords, and high-quality content, the organic traffic to Natural Patch's website increased by over 202.38%. Furthermore, the SEO efforts resulted in a substantial increase in ranking keywords from 55 to 2,694, significantly expanding their online reach. These achievements led to an 18% increase in organic revenue and a 34.16% increase in unique monthly website visitors within just one year.


Tyler Hewitt - Campaign Manager, SEO;

Sarah Magaña - Associate Director, SEO;

John Tsenekos - Campaign Manager, SEO;

Wyatt Edgecomb - Senior Analyst, Product;

Zachary Sass - Senior Campaign Manager, SEO;