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We are all about organisational health, which separates good organisations from the great. Whether our clients are at the top of their game (and want to remain there) or are in ‘turnaround’ mode, we all need to work on our organisational health. Whatever the situation, be it a strategic conundrum, a market opportunity, or an operational gripe, we combine the art and science of organisational health to help our clients improve and excel.

Q5’s leadership in community service and CSR

Client: Q5
Category: Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility | Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility | 10. Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility
About Project

Q5 place huge importance on delivering meaningful impact to the communities around us, both through and beyond delivery of our core consulting services. Since our inception in 2009, Q5 have been committed to ensuring that our business delivers wider social, economic, and environmental benefits.
The Q5 Foundation
Established in 2010, aims to tackle economic inequality and poverty. It extends our charitable work beyond our core consulting business and allows us to make a meaningful impact in the communities around us. Our dedicated Foundation Team and 60+ consultants each year drive initiatives to assist vulnerable people entering the workforce, start business initiatives, and provide executive coaching services free of charge in the Third Sector.
Charity Partnerships with Talentino and CATCH
Q5 is partnering with CATCH, who provide career access and support for 1000+ children/young adults from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. we raised £15k and, through our pro-bono consulting initiative, helped redefine their strategy and provided coaching, which supported them in securing annual funding, increasing engagement, and developing cross-sector partnerships. Q5 also, delivered a bespoke course to help 17 young people of diverse backgrounds develop their leadership skills through 5 workshops and the help of 14 volunteers Q5ers, running again in the next few months. Last year, with Talentino, our second long-term charity partnership, we delivered training to young adults with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and coached teachers/employers in working with SEND young adults.
Pop Up Consulting
Pop Up Consulting is Q5's pro-bono consulting initiative, offering 1-2 day interventions for charities, not-for-profits, social enterprises, and small to medium-sized businesses. Our Q5 team of 2 or 3 members from various levels volunteer their time for each Pop Up, providing strategic and operational support for challenges such as fundraising, marketing, and leadership development. Since launching, we've helped over 128 organizations, providing 3,900+ hours of pro-bono consulting support.
Youth Panel
We support education and employment through our Youth Panel, a diverse group of around 20 17-18-year-olds (many from disadvantaged backgrounds) who meet several times a year. They work on consulting challenges and provide insights about what young people want from their future workplace. Panellists gain experience and valuable knowledge and are mentored by Q5ers for 60 minutes every 6-8 weeks.
Internships and University Placements
Our programs, including the Futures Panel, University Placement Scheme, Partnership with 180 Degrees Consulting, and recent partnership with 10000 Black Interns, promote professional skills development and career opportunities for diverse young people in business. Our six-week intern scheme pays the ‘Real’ London Living Wage and has attracted over 200 graduates, many of whom have joined our firm. Through partnerships with educational organizations, we offer coaching, training, placements, Pop-Up experience, interview preparation and project support to over 150 students, including those from underrepresented backgrounds.
Diversity and Inclusion
We take a 'whole system' approach to diversity and inclusion, examining our organization through a D&I lens to identify and address biases, barriers, and enablers. Our internal D&I survey informed the creation of our framework, which guides our actions towards a more inclusive workplace.
Employee Welfare
Q5 prioritizes employee wellbeing through initiatives like Courageous Conversations, the CEO Activist pledge with Dial Global, and a D&I focus group that strives for a diverse workforce. We prioritize psychological health through our Wellbeing Framework, Inclusive Leadership model, mentoring, mental health first aid training, open dialogue, and physical initiatives.
Q5 is dedicated to protecting the environment, surpassing legal requirements, and enhancing our environmental performance. We reduce our environmental impact through sustainable practices like buying sustainable products, minimizing waste, and utilizing virtual work methods to lessen travel. Our staff adheres to environmental policies and proposes ideas for improvement. Our sustainability pledge is shown in investment decisions, government scheme participation, and planting trees to counterbalance carbon emissions. We view our work through a sustainability lens, including providing digital versions of print materials, lessening travel, and tracking and reporting saved car journeys.
Governance and Research Collaborations - Q5 engages in governance and research collaborations to drive positive social impact. We conducted pro-bono research with ReGenerate, Pro Bono Economics and The Law Family Commission on Civil Society, resulting in the 'Solve for S' report, which provides a framework for businesses to approach the social aspect of ESG and collaborate with civil society. We are also working with the Levelling Up Commission, EPOC, and Regenerate on initiatives to reduce inequalities, increase board diversity, and promote good jobs. Additionally, Q5 led the Facilitation for the Parker Review Steerco strategy refresh and goal setting for 2023 and beyond.