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Pure Concentrated Goodness

Client: Pure Concentrated Goodness
Category: Web-Based Production | Website | 119. Other __________ | Health Food Supplement
About Project

Revolutionising Wellness with PCG Everyday


The Pure Concentrated Goodness (PCG) website development project stands as a testament to our agency's commitment to innovation, health, and user-centric design. It's more than just a website; it's the digital embodiment of a wellness revolution. PCG Everyday is a unique product with a profound mission: to deliver convenient and concentrated microgreens to empower wellness warriors around the globe.


The PCG Everyday project presented several exciting challenges:

User-Centric Approach – we aimed to create a website that catered to a diverse audience, from health enthusiasts to environmentally conscious consumers. The challenge was to strike a balance between scientific credibility and approachable, engaging content.

Educational Content - PCG Everyday is more than a product; it's a lifestyle. Educating users about the benefits of microgreens, sustainability, and wellness required creating informative yet digestible content.

E-Commerce Integration - seamlessly integrating e-commerce functionality while maintaining a streamlined, intuitive user experience was paramount.


Engaging Content - we crafted content that made wellness accessible and fun. From quirky blog posts to informative infographics, our content strategy struck the right chord with users.

Interactive Design - our website design seamlessly blended aesthetics with functionality. We incorporated interactive elements to keep users engaged while educating them about the benefits of PCG Everyday.

E-Commerce Prowess - we implemented a user-friendly e-commerce system that simplified the purchasing process. Customisable subscription plans, informative product pages, and a seamless checkout experience were some highlights.


The PCG Everyday website development project yielded remarkable results…
Increased Sales and subscriptions - the user-friendly design and informative content drove sales, with a significant spike in conversions.

Engaged Community - the PCG community thrived. Our blog posts sparked conversations, and user-generated content flourished on social media.

Educational Hub - the website became a go-to resource for wellness information, with users learning about microgreens, health benefits, and sustainable living.


This project goes beyond aesthetics and functionality. It's a testament to how digital platforms can empower individuals to make informed, health-conscious choices. The PCG website embodies a wellness revolution and stands as a true achievement in the field of digital development and health-focused communication.


The PCG Everyday website development project is more than a digital platform; it's a catalyst for wellness. Our agency's dedication to user-centric design, engaging content, and seamless e-commerce integration has made it a remarkable success. This project reflects not only the capabilities of The DM Lab but also the potential of digital platforms to drive positive change in people's lives.