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Projectified showcases how project managers impact the world

Client: Project Management Institute
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About Project

Project leaders need to keep a keen eye on emerging risks and opportunities. For some, that means poring over reports or stalking social media feeds. That works. But Project
Management Institute’s biweekly podcast, Projectified, gives them another option: letting listeners eavesdrop on smart, lively conversations with their peers talking about the big
issues—and sharing tips and tools along the way.

In 2023, episodes explored everything from the complexity of the space sector to AI to overcoming burnout and change fatigue. Listeners not only walk away informed about big-
picture developments but also armed with specific tips to make the most of that information on the job.

Each episode highlights the latest data and research but is driven by conversations with guests that span a range of sectors, geographic regions and job roles. The 2023 roster
included sources from Google, BP, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and AECOM—working in locations including Sydney, Paris, Johannesburg and Washington, D.C.

Our team also makes it a point to speak with professionals with PMI certifications, further connecting listeners to the organization’s mission of education, advocacy and networking,
while highlighting opportunities for professional development.

The end result: With more than 1 million downloads and counting, Projectified helps project managers get things done—and showcases how their work makes an impact on the