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Athens, GR
Since 2011, Simple Web Solutions has been a leading name in digital marketing for companies in Europe. Our experts have been industry authorities in the IT realm since the dawn of the new millennium, and our philosophy is simple: To build long-term relationships with the clients we serve and bring intrinsic value through our digital marketing services. We understand that every business is different, and yours is no exception. To thrive in a digital world, you need a unique digital marketing blueprint built around your distinct goals. That is why Simple Web Solutions provides customized digital marketing solutions for businesses like yours. Consider us an extension of your in-house team, managing everything to do with your online presence on your behalf – so you can focus on running your business.


Category: Digital Marketing | Digital Advertising | 11c. Social Media Advertising Campaign
About Project

Kadro.gr was created at the beginning of 2021. By October 2022, less than 10 orders had been placed.

The business owner had invested a lot of money in building and promoting the website, but had disappointing sales results.

After we took over the digital marketing of the company, we managed to achieve over 200 conversions in just 2 months.

Kadro.gr's market was analyzed, competitors and potential customers profiles were studied, and we implemented a specific social media ads strategy to penetrate the market and increase sales.

We differentiated the brand from its competitors and chose to target ads to 2 customer categories: 1) wholesale to decorators and 2) retail to home enthusiasts.

We created compelling content and designed engaging creatives for every customer segment.

We created powerful Lead ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to find potential customers and awareness, and remarketing campaigns to boost awareness and increase traffic and conversions.

Thanks to the approach we followed, we managed to make more than 200 conversions from wholesale and retail customers within 2 months.