B2B lead gen for Cooltra - AVA Digital Awards


Barcelona, ES
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B2B lead gen for Cooltra

Client: Cooltra
Category: Web-Based Production | Social Media | 208. LinkedIn
About Project


In the current times, in the most populated capitals and cities all around Europe, has emerged an important need for shared transportation. Big demand for this means of transport has let new companies offer many attractive subscriptions and solutions both for personal use and business purposes.


Cooltra asked us to create an astounding campaign within the Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian market to generate B2B leads which would let the company make business with potential clients. Minimal flexible cost, switch to electric transportation, and flexible rental options were just some of the most important pain points to highlight to gain successful differentiation among their competitors.


We created a series of LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads around the idea of the future of the movement and the productive transportations solutions.

The main goal was to place Cooltra as the most interesting shared mobility company that keeps costs low & flexible, increases productivity with faster travel and improves on cost-saving policy by promoting electric transport.

Each company had a different need. Consequently, not all of them demanded the same mobility solution. Cooltra wanted to communicate to their audience that they could provide individual solutions for individual problems.

We worked with three different buyer persona:
· Fleet Manager
· Operations Director
· Sales Director.

We targeted several industries being the most important ones and with better results:
· Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
· Leasing Real Estate
· Retail
· Transportation, Logistics, and Storage
· Appliances, Electric, and Electronics Manufacturing


The campaign reflected the need for progress and development. Each audience had its own campaign with individual copies and creatives adaptations. These campaigns were aligned to the look and feel, and tone of voice of Cooltra's cooperative communication. The campaign included inspirational creatives and specific creatives promoting an exceptional offer.


The results exceed the forecast by more than 18%. We managed to launch a successful campaign thanks to the accurate messaging and target audience development.

The campaign gathered more than 7 million impressions, more than 100 thousand clicks, thousands of interactions, and it generated hundreds of B2B qualified leads.